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Don't Leave Your Assets Exposed

The United States has become very unpredictable with escalating threats to your wealth:

Highly divisive climate that makes certain people feel targeted

Aggressive plaintiff’s lawyers use the legal system in an abusive manner to target

 your hard-earned wealth.


Many have an illusion that U.S. trusts effectively safeguard your assets from litigants. Truth is U.S. trusts are often pierced after legal judgments occur and attorneys seek to seize assets.

To protect our own assets, we established the Brae family of companies in Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to form foreign asset protection trusts and invest safely for the long-term.  We are now offering you the same opportunities that we capitalized on.




Brae gives you peace of mind through customized wealth structuring
 solutions and targeted investment focus—real estate, private equity
 and lending, all excellent alternatives to volatile stock markets


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 Kaya W.F.G. (Jombi) Mensing 36, Willemstad, Curacao



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